Q. How does the subscription work?

When you sign up for a subscription you’ll receive 1 box per month.  This is an ongoing subscription so you will be charged the same amount every month.  When you sign up for a 59 Golf Box subscription, your card will be charged immediately. All subsequent electronic charges takes place the same time each month until you decide to pause or cancel the service.


Q. Are there any hidden fees?
No. You only pay for your subscription fee.


Q. What's the catch?
No catch, only the top brands and accessories each month at a tremendous value.


Q. When will my 59 Golf Box arrive?
Shipments leave our warehouse twice a month.  Depending on the cut off for shipping, you box may arrive on the next shipping cycle.  Boxes can take up to 7 business days to arrive.

When your box leaves our warehouse, you will get an email confirmation with tracking information. 


Q. Can I pick the products in 59 Golf Box?
You cannot pick the items you receive each month.  We work with the top vendors throughout the year to put a great mix of the latest styles and accessories inside each box. 


Q. How many product come in 59 Golf Box?
You can expect to see 2-3 items in each $59 box and 2-5 items in each $99 box each month.


Q. Can I send 59 Golf Box as a gift?
Of course! 59 Golf Box is the perfect gift for the golfer who has "everything", a novice just getting started, or for a non-golfer looking for great business casual wear for around the office.  Click here for more information about buying it as a gift.


Q. How do I cancel my subscription?
We strive to keep you as a customer but we guarantee you a hassle free experience if you are looking to cancel.  You can end your subscription(s) at any time. You do this by calling us at 630-791-9567.
Please note that once your subscription starts, your card is charged around the same day every month.  You will need to cancel your subscription before that date.  If you fail to cancel before that time, your next box will ship and your subscription will end the next month.  Once a box ships, refunds cannot be processed.


Q. What if my shipping address changes?

You can make changes to your billing and shipping addresses in your account page. Subscription changes must be made before your monthly charge.


Q. Why is a profile required?
We require this information so we can send you size specific items each month.  At sign up you will be asked to fill-in specific sizes and information about your golf game.  This way you will receive items that will have a proper fit and accessories that will match your golf game. 


Q. What is the difference between standard and modern fit at sign-up?

Standard fit is the industry norm for most pants and shirts.  Most users prefer this kind of style. 

Modern fit tops have more of a tapered fit towards the bottom with shorter sleeves on the polo shirts.  Pants in this category will be more tapered at the bottom and generally are more form fitting.


Q. What is your return/exchange program?
We only offer size exchanges on items that do not fit properly.  Contact us here to request a RA number.  You will be charged a $9.95 flat fee that covers both return shipping for the exchanged size back to us and shipping back to you.  We will do our best to exchange size requests with the same item.  If that exact item is no longer available, we will replace it with a comparable item.


Q. Why can't I return something I don't like?

We do our very best to purchase items that most people will really enjoy.  We put a variety of great things together each and every month at a significant overall discount.  Because of the nature of our business, it is impossible to make everyone happy.  It is our mission to put the most popular items in each and every box.  You will be contacted each month to give us feedback about the items you receive.